Orchard Cove

Orchard Cove in Canton and NewBridge on the Charles in Dedham combine the lifestyle and friendship seniors want, with the reassurance their children will have knowing their parents will be healthy, engaged and safe.

Residents at each campus have the time and inspiration to discover new passions or rekindle interests. They can take part in fitness programs, including yoga, Pilates and swimming to live healthier lives. And they can enjoy the company of a diverse and fascinating group of neighbors.

That's what remarkable living is all about.


Get to know some of our remarkable residents.

Living a poetic life

Esther Adler is a woman of determination. As a young child in Nazi Germany, her goal was to get to Israel and, at age 15, she left her family and began a new life. She studied in Jerusalem and spent seven more years living and teaching on a kibbutz near Haifa. A trip to the United States to visit her parents changed the course of her life.

Also traveling on the transport ship was the man who was to become Esther’s future husband. Her destination was New York; his Colorado. Their romance was via letters and after two years Esther and Simon were married and settled in the New York area. Esther graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1967 and her lifelong commitment to Jewish education and teaching took her in new directions.

Esther has started religious schools, taught adults who wanted to be Bar and Bat Mitvah, developed a Holocaust Learning Center and organized workshops and assemblies. Her life was that of an educator and writer…and that is still her life. Today, her Yiddish classes is filled with engaged students and she regularly volunteers her time on the skilled nursing floor celebrating and teaching about Jewish holidays and traditions.

Esther is the “poet laureate” of Orchard Cove. Whether it is a special occasion or icicles hanging from the roof, Esther captures the beauty of the moment in a poem. She is a presence at Orchard Cove.

Exploring her world in style

For NewBridge on the Charles resident, Diana Bronner, exploration begins just outside her cottage door and continues throughout her travels the world over. Just in the past year she’s traveled south to Namibia and North to the far reaches of British Columbia to see the Northern Lights. However, she also just loves walking on the peaceful trails along the Charles River photographing the beautiful natural surroundings.

According to Diana, life at NewBridge for her is all about exploring new opportunities. It’s about keeping both your mind and your body active.” Diana’s life has changed over the years. She says that she was a bit of a loner for the first two-thirds of her life. Now her life is filled with sharing her interests with others. She expresses herself through her crafts. She is skilled in calligraphy, book binding and creating knitted teddy bears. Travel is a passion. Diana’s wanderlust has taken her to Antarctica, Mongolia, Cuba and, soon, Patagonia. And after every trip, Diana creates a travelogue with her photography to share her adventures with the NewBridge community.

“I’ve become much more people oriented since I moved to NewBridge,” says Diana, “and this community has provided me with an opportunity to share what I love with others.” Diana created the NewBridge Photography Club. Residents with many levels of photography skills get together to learn new techniques, go on photographic jaunts and display their work for the other members of the community to enjoy. She also runs a weekly meditation group for fellow residents as well as writes and edit for the NewBridge literary magazine, The Bridge. Diana created the “Artist-in-Residence” gallery and has organized exhibits by both resident artists and local artists from the surrounding communities.

Diana is also known for her striking style accessorized by her favorite scarves, hats and jewelry. She loves to dress up for the theater, but also loves to dress down for camping or hiking. However, you won’t find her without makeup and jewelry. That’s a part of her “style statement.”

“NewBridge on the Charles has contributed enormously to my sense of purpose,” says Diana. “I love being a part of a community,” she continues, “because it gives me the opportunity to explore new things and engage with my neighbors. Just because you live in a senior community, it doesn’t mean you have to conform. You have to know yourself and know what will make your life richer.”

Inspiring his children every day.

As children we may look up to our fathers as superheroes. As we age, we realize our fathers are not invincible, but human with their own personal stories of how they overcame the most difficult challenges in their own lives. The Bussgang men, including NewBridge on the Charles resident Julian, and his father, Jozef (now deceased), survived many challenges in their lives. Julian’s own son, Jeff, applied that same determination to succeed and achieve many accomplishments in his life as well. Through it all, all three men have been strong and inspiring role models to their children.

In 1939 when the Russian occupation of Poland was imminent, Julian’s father, Jozef, made a quick decision to leave everything he created for his family behind, including his successful business, beautiful home, and most of their possessions. Jozef knew it was too dangerous for his Jewish family to stay in their hometown of Lwow.

Fourteen-year-old Julian and his family left the comforts of their home to escape with Julian’s aunt and uncle to Romania. It was a treacherous trip and they didn’t know if they would be allowed to cross the border. At the time, Julian didn’t know that his father had already taken the first step to avoid future persecution in what would become known as the Holocaust. Jozef was fortunate to have gold with him and he used this gold to secure “capitalist” visas into Palestine for the family.

It was in Palestine that Julian attended a Polish high school in Tel Aviv and continued his studies developing a passion for mathematics. At the age of 18, Julian became one of the youngest soldiers in the Free Polish Army to complete the officer’s training program. He fought in and survived the infamous Battle of Monte Cassino that cost 55,000 Allied soldiers their lives. Later, Julian witnessed the cargo trains of numerous displaced people and realized how very fortunate he and his family were to have escaped the atrocities in the German-run camps. His father made a smart decision. Julian fought with others to end the war and later reunited with his entire family in London.

Julian immigrated to the United States in 1949 where he studied at MIT and then at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He received his PhD in Applied Physics and worked for MIT’s Lincoln Labs and RCA. After working for those companies, he taught at Northeastern University and Harvard and started his own radar and communications technology company called Signatron.

Signatron became a place where his ambitious son, Jeff, could practice his nascent computer programming skills. At sixteen-years-old, Jeff went to work alongside his dad and built an inventory tracking system for the business. Jeff then followed in his father’s footsteps and graduated from Harvard with a degree in computer science. Julian continues to be a big influence in Jeff’s life. Today, Jeff is a successful technology entrepreneur, co-founder of Upromise and a partner in Flybridge Capital as well as a teacher, mentor, author, and a proud father himself.

Throughout Julian’s life, he has kept a strong, sound mind and great determination. He and his wife, Fay, have a very loving, talented and successful family. He has also become a wonderful role model for those who learn his personal story of success and survival.

Beginning her newest adventure

Mim describes her life as having had three acts.

Act I was life as a suburban housewife and mother is West Orange, New Jersey where Mim and husband raised their children and were actively involved in community life.

Act II occurred when Mim and her husband decided to look for a retirement business and a new adventure. Their adventure included buying 73 acres of land on the Potomac River bordering Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia and creating a camping site for hikers, canoers and nature lovers. They knew nothing about camp grounds, but figured out a way to make it work. “We learned things we had never even thought about and met people totally different than we were,” says Mim, “and it added to the richness of our lives.” “We were in this together,” continued Mim, “and it broaden our view and appreciation of life and the people who were in it.”

Their campsite adventure lasted 20 years, but as time went on, the nature of camping changed. According to Mim, people wanted more at a campsite than they wanted to provide. So they enjoyed their lives together surrounded by three national parks. They became involved in local government and tourism, grew vegetables and orchids in their greenhouse and Mim worked in her potter’s studio.

When Mim’s husband passed away, she considered continuing to live in the mountains, but realized she was becoming isolated – particularly in the winter.

So began Act III at Orchard Cove when Mim and her dog, xxx, moved in late 2014. “I’m still finding my way,” says Mim, “and I’m open to new adventures. I will never stop exploring and discovering and this is the place that I’m going to do it from.”

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